Publisher Sunde Tanker – brand and bestseller book


Publisher ‘Sunde Tanker’.


Business development and communications:

  • Brand of high professional and aesthetic quality.
  • Bestseller book 'Sunde tanker' ('Healthy Thoughts') – first edition of 10,000 copies sold out quickly.
  • Simple and easy-to-understand knowledge sharing of complicated healthcare issues.
  • Presentation booklet.
  • Website.
  • Booklet presentation.'s responsibilities and services

In the period 2008-2009:

  • Leading rounds of tenders in relation to external suppliers (associates) from the network such as photographers, graphic designers, communicators, proofreaders and others.
  • Coordination of the process from idea to brand, book and website development, stakeholder management including: The authors, external suppliers, etc.
  • Communication at strategic and executive level:
  • Creative and strategic concept development as well as new visual identity in collaboration with the authors, graphic designers and photographers.
  • Strategy and advice.
  • Quality assurance of texts in collaboration with the authors. During the process, asked the right questions on behalf of the target group and helped to find specific examples to ensure overview and insight into complicated, health-related issues.
Brochure presenting the book Sunde Tanker (in Danish)
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