New knowledge centre – commercial development and branding

Copenhagen Dome – Videnscenter for Socialøkonomi is Denmarks' new knowledge centre focusing on social economy. We at contributed to strengthening the business focus of the organisation. Among other things we delivered business, communication and fundraising strategies, corporate branding and helped integrate the organisation's selected UN Global Goals into strategies and practices. We also produced a communication kit for the newly established Centre: Website, fact sheet, profile brochure, postcards and leaflets.

From beginning to end, our responsibilities included management, analysis, development and execution of strategies in business and organisational development, communications, fundraising, design and visual storytelling about the selected UN Global Goals. All activities took place in close cooperation with the customer.

New knowledge centre – commercial development and branding


Based on selected UN Global Goals, the Copenhagen Dome – Videnscenter for Socialøkonomi ('Knowledge Centre for Socioeconomics') works to secure inclusion of marginalised groups in the labour market. Situated in the scenic beauty  of Taastrup close to Copenhagen, Denmark, the 350 m2 dome-shaped building, Domen, forms the framework for the centre's many activities for private and public stakeholders. 


  • Strengthened business strategic focus and integration of the UN Global Goals into strategies, practices and visual branding.
  • Formulation of the centre's mission, vision and values.
  • Business plan to help create a financially sustainable business.
  • Design manual, concept and idea development as well as visual storytelling.
  • Communication strategy and input to the annual planning cycle.
  • Communication kit for the newly established centre: Website, fact sheet, profile brochure, postcards and leaflets.
  • Fundraising strategy.
  • Fund applications for a new knowledge sharing project.’s responsibilities and services

  • Stakeholder management, coordination and facilitation throughout the process in relation to all stakeholders and in collaboration with Centre Leader Dorte Bukdahl; management of external suppliers such as graphic designer, photographer, digital consultant and printing company. From ideas and concept development to finished items.

  • Comprehensive strategy development and execution: Leading the development and execution of strategies and value-adding initiatives in business development, communications, events and networks, and ensuring that the efforts point to the Centre's business strategic objectives. Focus on developing simple, immediate and actionable strategies.
  • Advice on value creation through business development, communications, fundraising, events, networks and the UN Global Goals.
  • Process-oriented concept development, brand strategy and visual storytelling. Having primary responsibility in collaboration with a graphic designer. Planning and development from prototype to finished designs:
  • Web design development – Sparring, planning and development of a prototype with a target group oriented website structure: UX and UI for a complete site - including design blocks. Focus on the organisation's business strategic objectives in relation to navigation, interactions, scenarios and user comfort.
  • Design template: Planning, quality assurance and handover to digital consultant.
  • Graphic design development of fact sheets, profile brochures, postcards and leaflets.
  • Communication and public relations: Communication strategy with input to annual planning cycles, SoMe, events, etc.
  • Text writing and quality assurance of texts for website, fact sheets, profile brochure, postcards and leaflets.
  • Photos and visual storytelling: Building a new image archive together with the graphic designer and photographer.
  • Fundraising: Fund applications for new knowledge sharing project.