Photos and visual storytelling

Let us tell your story

Pictures are not just pictures. When photos are used strategically, they contribute to a powerful and value-creating dialogue without words. 

We have many years of experience working strategically and creatively with visual communication. Along with associated photographers, we create visual branding for customers such as ACTE A/S, Pressalit A/S, Copenhagen Dome – Videnscenter for Socialøkonomi – and one of Denmark's largest social economy companies in Denmark, Grennessminde, located in Taastrup. For customers like UEFA, Danida, the Theatre Kimbri, and Kirkens Korshær (DanChurchSocial) located in Aarhus, Denmark, Mette Thorsen's own photos have created value and visibility by telling new stories. If you need to fuel your business with UN Global Goal initiatives – then you've come to the right place. We can help you create credible visual branding of your sustainability activities.

Contact us for a non-binding talk about how we can help fulfil your company's visual branding and communication potentials.

Our services and products

• Advice and concrete offers for how your organisation can most profitably use visual communication and storytelling to create added value, synergy, recognisability, and cross-platform communities.

• Visual branding of your company's UN Global Goal initiatives.

• Photos for websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter or for example for books, leaflets, posters, roll ups, screen savers or good old-fashioned postcards.

• A new photo archive that your organisation can use during the year.