Badminton Denmark – commercial optimisation and rebranding

We at helped strengthen the special federation's business strategic focus and created increased visibility through corporate rebranding - new tone, style and imagery resonating high quality, simplicity and aesthetics. Among other things, a redesigned and more audience-oriented website was produced as well as new communication elements for sales, sponsorship and fundraising activities. See examples of the new corporate brand below.


For the special federation, we also concept developed a new academy to maintain Danish world-class badminton and benefit thousands of badminton players in Denmark. Read about the Academy here.


From beginning to end, our responsibilities included management, development and execution of strategies within business and organisational development, idea and concept development, communications, branding, fundraising, knowledge sharing, events, sponsorship initiatives, and networks. All activities took place in close cooperation with the customer.

Badminton Denmark – commercial optimisation and rebranding


Badminton Denmark is a special federation under Sports Confederation of Denmark (Danmarks Idrætsforbund), and Badminton Denmark is the only sports federation in Denmark embracing all-round players as well as Danes in the absolute world elite of badminton. With 90 years of strong achievements, competencies and networks in badminton sports, Badminton Denmark creates value for badminton players across the country, fans, sponsors, public health, business and for Denmark as a proud badminton nation.


  • Strengthened business focus on both strategies and practices – as well as a whole new concept: Badminton Denmark Academy. Read about the academy here.
  • Increased visibility through rebranding of Badminton Denmark – new tone, style and imagery resonating on high quality, simplicity and aesthetics in the form of:
  • A design manual that can be used by Badminton Denmark for inspiration. The manual included, among other things, prototypes for web design, fact sheets, profile brochures, letterheads, posters and magazines for the Denmark Open as well as membership flyers and postcards.
  • Communication and PR:
  • Communication strategy with input to annual planning cycles, sponsorship initiatives, and events.
  • Fact sheet, profile brochure and membership flyers.
  • Website New and more target group-oriented website.’s responsibilities and services

  • Stakeholder management throughout the entire process together with Director Bo Jensen: Badminton Denmark's management and employees as well as external suppliers such as graphic designer and photographer. From ideas and concept development to finished elements.
  • Integration and execution of strategies: Leading the process and execution of strategies and value-adding initiatives in business and organisational development, communications, sponsorship initiatives, events and networks, and ensuring that the efforts point to the federation's business strategic objectives and the new project, The Badminton Denmark Academy. Focus on developing simple, immediate and actionable strategies.
  • Advice on value creation through business and organisational development, communications, events and networks.
  • Process-oriented concept development, design manual and visual storytelling. Having the primary responsibility in collaboration with graphic designer: Web design development – Sparring, planning and development of prototype with target group oriented website structure: UX and UI for a complete site including design blocks. Focus on the organisation's business strategic objectives in relation to navigation, interactions, scenarios and user comfort. Visual identity and design manual: Planning, development and presentation of complete design manual including typography, colour universes, graphic elements, image prints and cropping of motifs to further the visual identity of brand development. Design development of prototypes for communication elements, cover pages and layouts: Magazine, profile brochure, fact sheets, letterhead, flyers, posters and postcards.
  • Handing over the project to Badminton Denmark's internal marketing department.
  • Responsibilities in Communication and PR - responsible for: Communication strategy and input to annual planning cycles including SoMe, sponsorship initiatives, and events. Text writing and quality assurance of texts for fact sheets, profile brochures, membership flyer and postcards. Contribution to quality assurance of texts for

  • Photos and visual storytelling: Briefing of photographer. Building a new photo archive with graphic designer and photographer.