Freelance fundraising

We help our clients achieve a high roi through fundraising

At, we have in-depth experience of coming from outside and looking at our customers' opportunities and challenges with fresh eyes. We contribute both at management as well as strategy level and commit to ensuring an efficient execution of action plans.

For a Danish NGO, is a co-contributor to creating a turn-around by raising DKK 25 million DKK in three years – of which DKK 10 million comes from A.P. Møllers Fond. From being threatened with closure, the organisation delivered its best annual profits only two years after efforts had begun. Massively increased visibility,  political impact, as well as new partnerships, are additional results of the fundraising strategy that was put into action. Read about the case and our excellent cooperation with the customer.


Through fundraising activities, we have helped to create full funding for the Auschwitz-documentary 'Arlette - a story we must never forget' ('Arlette – en historie vi aldrig må glemme') – the purpose of which is to ensure a continued focus on the history of Auschwitz and the Holocaust.


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Our services and products

  • Leading fundraising efforts from idea and vision to completed efforts.
  • Strategy, analysis and drive to realise your organisation’s potential in fundraising.
  • Annual plans to ensure that the most profitable fundraising initiatives are initiated on time.
  • Advice, innovation, and concrete ideas for business development, new revenue opportunities, financial support, political interest, and activities with the UN Global Goals. Read more.
  • Applications.
  • Collective impact and collaboration: Public/private partnerships, stakeholder relationships and networks.
  • CSR collaborations with companies.
  • Member acquisition and care.
  • Events and commercial activities.
  • Communications: Advice, strategies, campaigns, direct mail, visual storytelling, etc. Read more.