UN Global Goal initiatives

Work strategically with sustainability

With our partners, mettethorsen.com offer a range of services for private and public companies wanting to work strategically with sustainability. We work with simple methods that systematically create an overview of relevant issues. The methods provide a solid foundation for prioritisation and for your continued work on goals, strategy and execution.

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Our services and products

  • Leading development processes with the UN Global Goals: From idea and visions to mapping of opportunities, strategic planning and value-adding activities – and always in close cooperation with the customer.
  • Advice and specific suggestions for working strategically with the Global Goals in order to create maximum value locally, globally and for your business.
  • Knowledge and learning about the UN Global Goals adapted to your context.
  • Analysis and mapping of your organisation's opportunities for, and goals of, value-adding sustainability.
  • Strategy papers and action plans for your daily work with the Global Goals.
  • Visual branding of your UN Global Goal initiatives. Read about our services here.
  • Business and organizational development with the Global Goals: Proposals and development of new concepts, products, activities, internal and external knowledge sharing, branding, events, fundraising, new partnerships and more.


We also offer customised courses focusing on, for example:

  • The UN Global Goals: How to get started - or go beyond - with your work and activities.
  • Best practice: Create value by means of sustainability management.
  • Identify your organisation's opportunities to create value with the UN Global Goals.

Workshops and courses are customised to match your company’s demands.